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Anonymous Coward

Are we hearing about every single accident involving a Tesla?

If so I would say they are doing pretty well so far.

If the news reported every incident with, say a BMW, we would have several hundred a week.

I am inclined to think though that Autopilot is too much of a compromise between driverless and driver assisted that is likely to result in the meatbag manual pilot being rather too slow to intervene in the event of something unexpected, particularly if that unexpected thing is related to another meatbag.

Most drivers will know, that at speed, regardless of your input to steering and brakes there is an area in front of your car that you will be unable to avoid. If animal, bird, cyclist, car, or pedestrian puts itself in that area and cannot get out fast enough there is nothing at all that you can do and it will get hit.

Neither, humans or autopilots will make the car or others invulnerable unless they creep about at walking pace with a man waving a red flag walking in front of the car.

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