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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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> It is unknown at this time if the Tesla driver was using any self-driving technology when the incident occurred.

It is also unknown as to what the cyclist was doing prior to being struck, even if driver aids were in use by the Tesla.

It will be interesting if there is information in the telematics of the Tesla regarding the movements of the cyclist in the few seconds leading up to the incident. Did it make a sudden movement - e.g. to avoid a pothole - or was the victim moving in a nice predictable straight line? Doesn't Tesla own the data for this and doesn't necessarily hand out the raw data?

A cyclist being killed in a collision with a car is a terrible thing, but blame *could* be on either party. But now we're into the murky uncharted waters of if the self-driving systems are active, how do you judge whether either the meatbag or the computer programs were capable of avoiding the incident, or even if avoidance was possible.

Certainly the driver has responsibility of keeping an eye on the road constantly and assuming control to attempt to prevent/avoid/minimise the collision.

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