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Anonymous Coward

May seem stupid.. my daughter wants a Blue or Purple, HP stream.

No matter how much of me telling her she'd be better of with a boring black one, it isn't going to matter.

Warning: Sweeping generalisations ahead.

Think cars.

Most men want BHP (which they will never use), cornering abilty (which they will never get even close to using), a million gadgets (which will ultimatley mean listening to Radio 2 / 4 or listening to MP3's on phone).

Women want pretty and <insert colour>. Which they will like every day.

Think House

Women want to know how the green cushions will match the curtains, which in turn will match the walls. Where the pictures will go, how it will look once the feature wall is painted purple.

Men: Yes it has four wall, no damp and plenty of pug sockets in the right place.

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