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Computers Much More Than Microcomputers and Unixoids

The microcomputer and Unix world actually made a lot of mistakes and "inventions" which already existed/were solved in the mainframe worlds of IBM, Unisys, ICL and MCST/IPMCE.

Unfortunately many programmers and software engineers (there is some difference in these terms, strictly speaking) think that C is the pinnacle of languages. For most of them, Unix is also the canonical model of an OS.

This would be an arcane issue if corporations such as Maersk, Sony, the SWIFT system and several banks in Ukraine had not been cyber-blitzed. This happened because for the last 30 years there was a great craze towards the adoption of rather substandard systems like Windows and the various Unixes.

The world of Algol mainframes at least is much more reliable, because they use something like the Java VM even for the operating system. A single buffer overflow will not open the kingdom to the vandals.

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