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(This is the same level of intelligence as those dimwits who used to go around beating up Sikhs in 'Murica because they wear turbans, so they must be related to Bin Laden. Except in this case, tragicomically - its in reverse.)

Lovely how people think a few google searches suddenly makes them an authoritative expert. NOT.

(copious use of uppercase below means exactly what it implies)

Yes, the larger part of Punjab is now in Pakistan. And that is predominantly Muslim.

However, as someone OF Pakistani (and Punjabi) heritage, I can (and, well, WILL) tell you, categorically, that his name DOES show that he is NOT a Muslim.

Consequently, without any further research, you can deduce (with a likely success rate in the high 99% range) that he is also not of Pakistani-Punjabi origin.

If you had done a little better job with your googling (basically, just see the bbc article about this which gives his FULL name, with 'Singh'), then you can up the probablity that he is not Pakistani nor Muslim to 99.99999999%

In which case, we can now state with greater confidence that you are a visitor from Alpha Centauri Prime, than we can state that he is a Pakistani-Muslim.

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