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In fact most pests are easily dealt with by .22. An AR15 or AK47 may not be as effective,

you do know that AR15s are usually 5.56mm, or just about 0.22, and that the AK74 is 5.45mm, don't you? Yes, the AK47 is 7.62mm, but it's a 7.62mm round which isn't as powerful as an all-out rifle round, such as the 0.30/7.62mm or 0.303/7.7mm rounds used by the likes of the M1 Garand or the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield.

and thus there's no reasonable reason to own them. They're useless for hunting larger animals as well.

It would appear that AR15s, being around 0.22, and AK74s, ditto, would be perfectly reasonable weapons by your own criteria. And they are quite useful for hunting larger animals. Their design use is, after all, hunting humans, a fairly large animal.

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