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Look at another example, a company I contracted for recently had a very protracted recruitment/leaver process basically HR and IT didnt communicate well. HR required line managers to fill in forms and have them authorised before they were sent to IT to be actioned, the task would then sit in a queue waiting for someone in IT to action it, similar happened with payroll, asset management etc.

The NHS establishment I work for seems incapable of developing a solid new users / leavers system , despite having a team of people dedicated to it , well to one part of it - issuing smart cards. These people cant apparently do any of the other parts , like AD account email acc, etc that is shoved onto the already over busy helpdesk to do when they get a moments respite. And , get this , part of this so called system involves paper written forms - written by doctors! The team of people handing out cards seem to be waayy behind the helpdesk who do EVERYTHING ELSE and refuse to see frustrated users insisting they leave a message on a phone they never answer or check the messages or email them for an appointment that could be weeks away.

I sit in the same room as the helpdesk and hear the chaos and frustration of users regularly . Its maddening that no one asks me to do it - but why would they , they have a whole bunch of people above me who seemingly cant make it run smoothly . HAND WRITTEN FORMS FFS!

Key issues seem to be: some "customers" coming from different parts of the trust need different things and have different employers - due to the fragmented nature of the nhs.

An inability of the HR(s) dept to communicate with the IT dept.

An inability of someone - and i suspect this is HR - to tell managers what info is needed for a new employee.

The inability of a team of 6 to issue a smartcard in less than 3 months.

Its not fucking rocket science

I'm pretty sure I could script the whole thing .


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