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We don't need white people to 'help us', defend or pander to us. We definitely don't want white people going out of their way to show us they aren't racist. It's not shocking to us, when we invite these white individuals to come to our house to have an evening meal... they'll do everything to change the subject or wiggle out.

You want to lash out against racism then lash out at racism/prejudice, but do it without describing color, religion, jihad, etc. Stop pandering and whining, and start living and accepting ALL people the SAME.

I would like to add a flipside to that, though - stop explaining everything you don't like as racism. I grew up with people of all colour and race, and to me, skin colour has about the same significance as hair colour. We used to poke fun at each other about either colour in the same fashion, and that was OK because we accepted that was simply a physical difference that had no local or collective impact on the person underneath. I accept that other people with my skin colour have been racist and abusive, but recognise that that doesn't make *all* white people racists.

It may help if you translate that "pandering" as people actually caring, and being upset that others not only are racists but actively encourage each other to perpetuate that miscategorisation of fellow human beings. If there is something you don't like, gently correct them but remember that they're on "your" side, with "your" meaning "our - all of us".

Apologies if this is a bit of a ramble but I wanted to do this unedited.

BTW: in fact, few white people exist. Generally they're pink-ish :).

BTW2: if being of colour is so bad, do racists avoid getting a tan?

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