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IBM's next turnaround tool is ... a new open-source font?

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Somewhere in a cold, dark castle

Ginni: Watson, Watson on the wall, where can I find a way to increase revenues

Watson: we've talked about this Ginni, you need to go...

Ginni: that's it!!! A new font will make everyone realise how important we are

Watson: what? You want to increase revenue with a new font? It used to be a multi-billion dollar company

Ginni: and the font will be free to show the world we are still relevant.

Ginni: why is it getting dark?

Watson: it appears that you're disappearing into your own body cavity

Ginni: then you're coming with me!

Watson: the whole company is going with you. Unfortunately....

Ginni: is this the cloud?

Watson: it can't be BlueMix, not enough crap....

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