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We're all the same on the inside... this is a parochial method of thinking. I take it you're an adult now, and can stop repeating things you were taught when you were 8.

The problem is, the lungs, liver, [insert any organ] may be 'roughly' the same; however, how the brain is programmed and processes isn't the same. It's the brain, not any other organ which dictates your actions.

If you're poor and you grow up in crappy conditions, you're going to see life a lot different than someone who didn't want for anything. You're also going to have very different life experiences.

We don't need white people to 'help us', defend or pander to us. We definitely don't want white people going out of their way to show us they aren't racist. It's not shocking to us, when we invite these white individuals to come to our house to have an evening meal... they'll do everything to change the subject or wiggle out.

You want to lash out against racism then lash out at racism/prejudice, but do it without describing color, religion, jihad, etc. Stop pandering and whining, and start living and accepting ALL people the SAME.

If this kid was white, there wouldn't be any mention of race, religion, conspiracy, etc.

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