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Nokia disaster

I'm not exactly sure... Yes the internal politics started the destruction of phone division from about 2003.

Nokia managed to get MS to pay billions for something they wanted rid of, without parting with name or IP.

IBM started as a kind of IT service company / data processing in Victorian era as Hollerith.

Nokia have done paper, welly boots, set-top boxes, TVs, desktop computers. They even tried to make a portable game console and phone combined. It was a surprise when they got in to phones. Nokia still exists, took over Motorola and Siemens Mobile & Communication infrastructure companies. Still in retail via Withings. Got settlement from Apple for infringement and has licensed badge for phones.

IBM PC was an unexpected success for IBM. They sold it, thinkpads and then x86 servers to Lenovo. They are back selling IT services (which is really what they did in mainframe era).

I can't see IBM re-inventing themselves like Nokia (never versus five times?).

Interesting coincidence that both released fonts.

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