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A short sighted story to medicate the masses

No communism is not the answer, Socialism is the only check to capitalism - capitalism needs it to be sustainable. the road of capitalism is consolidation of wealth and resources which in the end leads to only one with all the wealth and resources and he/she/it will be forced to create an economy to make new forms of entertainment for their own consumption, via socialism, philanthropy, and/or investing in false competitors (which is a kind of socialism too).

As long as your job requires open ended problem solving, the kind where you have to define the issue and the solution you won't be replaced any time soon by a robot. every "A.I." system currently presented relies on data sets to match expected questions to a outcome. Simply put, if you can number all the variables in your job a machine can do it faster and probably better, it won't forget that solution that you have not used in the last 12 months. If you are constantly faced with WTF is wrong issues with complex variables you will have a longer job life. Most managers are doomed as are most entry level jobs in basically all fields. Pay attention all you in a production type job, you will be replaced, they are already building data sets on the tasks you do.

According to that Davos crowd, there are about 7 Billion (+/-) extra people on this planet, they just haven't quite found a clean way to Cull us from their lives just yet. The current method, expensive health care, is not moving fast enough, but it is working just look a Red State here in the US note the bankruptcy related to healthcare rate. Why would anyone want to live for five more years as an indentured servant in a slave styled shack? Just take the Fentanyl and check out happy.

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