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Re: "...and women shouldn't wear ripped jeans, or walk alone after dark.

I share the opinion that there's nothing innately shameful about the naked human body. Unfortunately a significant proportion of the populace think otherwise, and our legal system often tends towards the puritanical. If you have a naked picture leaked onto the internet you get to choose whether to brazen it out, or to accept the shaming that other members of society will inevitably try to fling your way - those are pretty much the only options.

Advising people not to allow naked pictures to be taken of them therefore isn't victim blaming, it's just good advice. The reality is that once there is a picture of you naked it's very easy to lose control over where that image ends up (whether that's by a "friend" leaking the image online, or a hacker exfiltrating the images). If you're OK taking that risk then go ahead - as long as you're an adult making an informed choice about it.

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