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Limited use case?

So if you happen to have access to photo(s) of you, which you believe are also in the possession of an ex/other (why would *you* have copies?), and if there are few enough of them to make this upload practical, and if Facebook doesn't set too low a limit on the uploaded quantity for any one customer, and if you trust Facebook to permanently delete the copies you send, and if you're willing to have total strangers in the form of FB employees vetting what you send (because it simply *cannot* be a fully automated process, for reasons that surely don't need to be belaboured), and if legalistics don't require FB to be able to retrieve all images anyway (think: kiddie porn), and if you trust the security and integrity of ANY internet company (cue hysterical laughter), then it's likely that if your ex does try to mischievously upload embarrassing photos to FB—they won't be able to.

Except of course, such photos probably violate FB's ToS anyway, so the miscreants will have uploaded them somewhere else where that entire fraught, unreliable and not to be trusted process wouldn't help in the slightest. Because, lest we forget, Facebook is not the internet. It's just the shallow end.¹

¹ Though not, admittedly, as shallow as Twitter, the definitive paddling pool for 'tards.

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