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It's a great phone

I have a Pixel 2XL and all this whining about the display is nonsense. The blue shift is a complete non-issue, it only occurs when you look at the phone at an extreme tilt, it doesn't exist when you look at the phone at a normal angle. This time of year we don't have much sun where I live but people on the forums who live in sunnier climes report that they can read the display in bright sunlight, a little blue shift because of a polarizer is a great tradeoff for the ability to see the display in the sun.

As for the colors, they are great. When I first got it they looked washed out but I've since install the 8.1 beta and now the display looks fine. Comparing my Pixel2XL to my Nexus 6P side by side, I don't see any significant difference, if anything I like the 2XL a little better. All other aspects of the 2XL are as good as everyone says. The photos and videos are fantastic. Android Auto is much more reliable than it was on my Nexus 6P. Another really important feature is that it works great as a phone. Nobody every mentions phone calls in the reviews which is strange because these things are called phones, but the voice quality and the ability to hold a call is vastly better then it was on my Nexus 6P, that maybe due to Verizon having treated the 6P as a step child because they didn't sell it, or it might be that the Pixel 2XL really is that much better, but it's night and day better.

One more thing, why would anyone want to have physical nav buttons? they are a complete waste of space. My 2 year old Nexus 6P didn't have nav buttons and it doesn't show any burn in, neither did my 4 year old Nexus 5.

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