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Fingers crossed they do something decent to convince me stay

If you lean hard on their retentions team they'll do something, but those people have been told to try and avoid giving in too easily. If you're on a higher speed package then there's not much competition and you've got to persuade them that you're off because poor value trumps the higher speed benefits (I'm assuming you're on cable).

Also, if you're on a 150 Mbps package, that has been "delisted", so you only continue to get that speed if you're allowing the contract to roll over to whatever they want. Otherwise, if you negotiate a new deal it will have to be at either 50, 100, 200 or 300 Mbps, so be very clear on what want, what they are offering, how much you're prepared to pay. If you're taking phone and mid to high speed broadband package, then you should hope to get about £9-12 a month knocked off.

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