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Upload speeds will are unaffected by this change and will remain utterly shit.

Yes, but that's mostly not VM's fault. The poor upload speeds are part of the DOCSIS 3.0 standard (the technical standard for data transfer of cable networks), where the download potential is up to 1 Gbps, but upload a mere 100 Mbps. Diced and sliced to "per house" levels you can see that VM can't do that much to speed up the upload with DOCSIS 3.0. If you wanted to pay for commercial grade kit things are probably different, for home users that's how it is.

VM are due to start roll out of DOCSIS 3.1 at the end of this year (that increases the upstream capacity 10x) but I doubt that any existing VM modem or hub will be compatible even with a firmware upgrade, so you're waiting on a new VM hub (end of 2018?). And the real advance would be DOCSIS 3.1 Full Duplex. D3.1 FD would give the same upload speed potential as download, but no sign of that even being trialled by VM yet. At a guess, little prospect of that until 2019 or later, and even that assumes that there aren't problems of capacity with full duplex.

Having said all that (and adding that the VM "superhubs" are all rather crap), if you want a fast download, fairly solid internet connection, and you can cope with 20 Mbps upload, then VM are a good, if expensive choice. Few people will be seeing reliable 200 Mbps download connections via Openreach for a good few years yet.

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