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Manual chokes did have one advantage. The first bit of travel only adjusted the idle speed so in slow moving traffic I found I could use the choke to give my right foot a rest.

But the day my Metro's cable failed and would no longer lock in position wasn't fun. I had to negotiate rush hour traffic and keep holding the choke out when I came to a stop. And as I remember it was to the right and below the steering wheel so I had to stay kind of hunched over.

Ah that Metro. It's other memorable moment was when I was caught in a traffic jam on the M6 in the outside lane on a hot summer's day. I watched in horror as the temperature gauge began to climb. Fearing the embarrassment of an expired car in lane 3 I turned the heater on full blast and opened the windows. Still the gauge climbed. As it approached the red line I closed my eyes..and there was a sudden whoooooosh from under the bonnet as the fan kicked in and the gauge dropped straight back down to normal.

Oh how I laughed. Hysterical relief I think :)

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