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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break


"The US can afford to spend the money on incentivizing EV sales." The $20-trillion-in-debt US can "afford" more handouts to subsidize electric cars? No! Not a penny more! Electric cars are toys for the wealthy. It is absolutely absurd to pay wealthy liberals thousands of dollars so they can explore their electric car fantasies. In an unfettered marketplace, electric cars would never get any bigger than golf carts. Elon Musk is a fake businessman. His entire business model rests on massive taxpayer subsidies. Take away the subsidies, and Musk's business empire would collapse. Gasoline-powered cars are perhaps the most successful and proven mode of transportation ever invented. We should be building more of them, not less. Electric cars have never and WILL NEVER replace gas-powered cars unless government entities intervene to force people to buy them. They failed 100 years ago and will continue to fail.

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