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Vlad the blockader: Russia's anti-VPN law comes into effect

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PROVE it would take that much more effort given software is out there designed to identify unknown files.

You've had it explained to you, at length, by others. A couple of microseconds of critical thought (if you're capable of it - some of your posts show real intelligence so I hope it's possible!) would show you many possible places where this would fall flat.

So, you're being asked to show your working. But you seem unable, maybe the intelligence shown is the fluke and the silliness we see in your posts around encryption and "PROFESSIONAL GAMERS!!1!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!1!!111!!!11!!!11" and "but THEY could JUST make A LAW to FORCE you TO...." etc really are the real you?

Still, if you put in more effort, there is yet hope.

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