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I love articles like this because I work for a bank!

The local media loves to do these types of articles and I love them for it. Why? Because they have no clue what they're doing so we always look great.

- They never chase links so they never test our online banking systems or our online account opening sites, which are on separate servers from the brochureware home page.

- They never check DNS configurations to see if we have CAA, SPF, DKIM, or DMARC records deployed.

- They never check to see if we allow DNS zone transfers from arbitrary IP addresses, not only revealing systems publicly that we don;t want the world to know about but that also allows us to be used in DDoS attacks,.

- They never check the robots.txt files to see if we're using them as a form of security through obscurity.

- They never check email DNS records to see if we have over one million IP addresses listed in our SPF record because of Office 365 usage. Or are using +all in it

- They never use a real website testing service like so The Big D does not show on sites that SSL Labs rates as an A:

Keep up the good work, folks!

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