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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

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journalistic malpractice

this is embarrassing to read. Tesla is the next Enron or MCI and for these imbeciles to try and link their shares FINALLY suffering a bit after their incredibly bad quarterly results to the end of the tax credit is just the height of how incredibly ignorant journalists have been and just printing all of tesla's idiotic press releases instead of looking at all of the easily proven lies.

The shares tanking had ZERO to do with the tax incentive and everything to do with the abject incompetent ramp up and introduction of the model 3 which is just the latest series of bald faced lies by team tesla. Tesla will be talked about for decades as to how a company was able to burn through billions and billions of dollars of other people's money and do so little with it. Just shaking my head at this article trying to link the shares tanking to the tax credits. Absolutely mind boggling illiteracy.

An insult to a child's intelligence.

I'm embarrassed to know such ignorance even exists

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