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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

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You're right of course...

You are absolutely correct in that most people cannnot afford these stupid inefficient cars even with the current tax credit. But the one thing about liberals is, that at no point will they ever be satisfied with you making your own decisions. Consider all the things we can no longer say, otherwise you'll be charged with some criminal offense, or at the very least, lose your job because you like the Redskins' name, or dare you say Muslim terrorist...there is no end. So, I can foresee the day when those who cannot afford the electric car will simply be given one, like they are now with food, housing, healthcare, Obama phones, the list is endless...all by our benefactors, which really means, all of you who pay taxes. Kind of like how the EIC is called a credit, when it is in fact another welfare payment.

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