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But this isn't subsidizing specific technology. This is subsidizing any technology that doesn't emit carbon. Fuel cells, flywheels, highly pressurized gas canisters, high-energy capacitors. They are all zero-emission vehicles.

Also, lots of people seem to think the fact that some electricity is from coal or NG negates the benefit, but it doesn't. Large plants can have heavy equipment designed to reduce their environmental impact. Cars are much less efficient in that regard. Electrical distribution may cause losses, but so does gasoline distribution.

And anyone claiming electric vehicles will fail because they sell a lot less unless subsidized is ignoring the difference between a local maximum and a global maximum. Here's a handy real world example. Gasoline in your car engine is useless. It doesn't burn. You inject it and it just sits there. Sure if you add a spark it will burn but that's cheating somehow. You shouldn't have to subsidize it by adding any energy to make it go. Back to EVs, if you want to argue they don't create a path to a global maximum or at least a better local maximum then do that. But lots of experts disagree so prepare to have lots of folks arguing against the idea that cars will still be mostly fossil fuel powered far into the future.

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