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Death & taxes

Nothing changes. Here in Germany, you can get a rebate for buying a diesel, as long as you can find an old one to scrap ('old' means up to 2009). And you get a lifetime diesel fuel discount given that diesel is taxed much more lightly than petrol. Since everyone on Germany works for auto manufacturers, or should, it's kind of win-win.

For the enterpreneurs who export the 'scrapped' cars to north Africa and eastern Europe, it's win-win-win!

Admittedly, every time you fill up your subsidized diesel, a kitten dies. Most people accept this, until it's their kitten. A dead kitten rebate would go a long way to compensating people for this unavoidable loss.

On the positive side, finding a charging station is the least of our worries. With all these new cars, there isn't anywhere to park in the first place.

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