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As context to RBS (not excuse - just context). They've doubtless been uninclined to spend money since they've spent the last 6 years arsing around thinking about spinning off 600 branches.

After the government bailed them out, the EU deemed it "State Aid" and told RBS they needed to sell 600 branches.

At this point, customers at the affected branches were moved onto a parallel system (they access online banking through ""). Initially those branches were going to be sold to Santander UK. Then that fell through, they had a think and decided to relaunch an old brand that RBS bought up years ago (Williams and Glyn), and proceeded to fuck around with that for a couple of years until last autumn when they announced that was being kicked to the kerb because "The new bank wouldn't be viable on it's own", which is a clever way of saying "We've just voted ourselves out of the EU, which means the State Aid ruling will cease to apply if we just procrastinate a bit longer until we're out".

During this time they have repeatedly issued and cancelled new credit and debit cards as the IT department have started moving customers in and out of new systems in preparation for the split.

It's no surprise then that RBS (And Natwest, owned by RBS Group) have some dire IT infrastructure and haven't improved - they've been bouncing between various different aborted projects for the last 6 years and probably haven't had budget for core improvements because all their resource has gone on trying to farm out a new bank.

Though granted, none of that would prevent them from enabling HSTS on the F5/BigIP boxes that front their systems.

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