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Councils in the UK will eventually figure out that making it difficult and/or expensive to get rid of unwanted stuff

Most of the fly-tipping (here in Wiltshire anyway) is done by scam artists who set up companies to sell waste management to small businesses and households. And, in a move that will surprise no-one, the scam artists get paid but, instead of actually disposing of stuff properly, just drop it in some poor farmers field access road and scarper.

They make dosh for a couple of months then fold that company and register another. And getting hit by council waste disposal actions is just another cost of business for them and something that inevitably costs less than the profit they have made.

The thing is, it *is* up to you to ensure that the waste you produce is disposed of properly. So paying some fly-by-night group of scammers to do it can also lend you in trouble too.

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