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Shitty new build DC

I used to work for a mainframe systems supplier and commissioned a new £1 million mainframe in its brand spanking new £ 1 Million pound DC inside a 60 year old town hall basement, Partway through the install process I had a long process running and investigated a curious cupboard in the wall. I joked to my PFY that it probably contained a waste sewer not really believing anyone was so stupid. I actually expected to find an empty void but sure enough there was a freshly painted cast iron 6 inch waste pipe. (well the 10 foot of pipe within the dc was freshly painted).

I did query with the customer why they hadn't rerouted the waste pipe away from the DC and was told it hadn't been done as it would have cost £10,000. I pointed out the false economy and that I would not be available to help with Disaster Recovery when the pipe burst within the next 5 years.

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