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"So something like the usual CIA psyops playbook also ran in South America, Indonesia, Iran"

Not really, no. The CIA generally produced false news to try and achieve a specific aim - to convince people that the CIA-backed candidate was Good and the other person was Bad. An example of CIA'backed intel attacks of this kind would be consistently suggesting the enemy candidate wanted to abolish private property, and their own candidate was the ally of the Common Man (which he invariabl wasn't).

The Russian approach is referred to as 'The Firehose of Bullshit' in intelligence circles, and basically involves generating as much crap as possible so people just stop trusting anything. They produce stuff with deranged and impossible-to-believe allegations (like 'Hillary is an alien'), but do so about both sides... and everyone else they can, too.

The idea is that critical thinking is hard, and so the brain gets tired after having to do it for a while, so if you barrage people with enough total bullshit they give up trying to filter it out and just accept whatever confirms their existing biases. Putin used it internally with great success over the last decade, and now they're trying to use it on outside parties (as are the far right media in the US, Brexiteers in the UK, The Front Nationale in France etc).

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