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let's hear it for our boy!

Can't wait for one of our usual Vlad apologists to come forward and say "oh, he's not that bad. it's all because of how we treat him and are being brainwashed into judging Russia harshly".

I was recently surprised to see that, in his Russia, which often hankers to the good ol days pre-Gorbie, someone was going to be persecuted for making a movie critical of Nicolas II, the rather dim-witted Tsar that led Russia (and arguably the world) so incompetently into WWI. And then made such a hash of running the war.

I mean Slow Nicky got executed by the Commies so I found it odd to see a country run by an ex KGB have a law against making fun of him.

Turns out that the Orthodox church, with whom Vlad has symbiotic relationship, a la Saud-Wahhabi, had Slow Nicky canonized as a saint (saint of what? treating your peasants like serfs?). And it is now a crime to make fun of him.

Yup, totally a normal misunderstood country.

p.s. I believe it was Dan Carlin in Hardcore History who characterized Nicolas II as "someone who, with good intentions and a lot of hard work, might have eventually managed to make a competent mailman".

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