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You might not be, but the vast majority is, my good man!

And that's exactly the kind of scatological elitist disdain which brought about a backlash that got Trump elected. Look, it's pretty simple.

1. Do those ads play well to the half-wits who already agree with them? Sure it's 100% echo chamber material but it doesn't change any of these votes. It's also unlikely to change any votes if the ad portrayals were reversed.

2. Do they get anyone who would typically be a Hillary or Blue team voter to switch their vote to Trump? Absolutely not. Just like reversing the ads wouldn't change anyone already in bin 1, the folk in bin 2 are largely fixed.

3. Would they sway any of the fence sitters trying to decide between the choice of rat shit (Hillary or Trump as you please) and bat shit (the other one)? Highly unlikely since as fence sitters they undoubtedly realized that both options sucked greatly making them largely immune to the vast amount of hyperbole coming from all sides. This over the top silliness was far from being a camel back breaking straw.

Unfortunately too many of bin 3 decided to hold their nose and vote for one of the two shit choices or not vote at all instead of making the logical choice of a third party candidate with whom their beliefs much more closely align because they didn't want to "throw away their vote", they feel their vote doesn't matter, they lost faith in the system, or some other reason. None of this means they're sufficiently gullible to be swayed by these type of nonsense ads.

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