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Most people aren't stupid, but that doesn't mean they're always thinking about what they're doing. If politics is a low priority for you, then you may not have many fixed opinions about things, because you don't spend any real time thinking about it. Almost nobody wants to talk about it.

So think how many very intelligent people you know who do really stupid things with computers. Most of them are technically capable of understanding this tool they use every bloody day of their lives, they just can't be arsed. Life's too short. Worse, when you try to explain, they get angry with you, both for wasting their precious time and (I suspect) pointing out their ignorance.

Now change the word computer for politics. I think it's a similar process. We all over estimate our abilities at making snap decisions on "gut-feeling". Particularly if we've not built up a pool of knowledge to train that gut feeling. And that, I suspect, is why people make the weird-seeming political choices they do.

I will now give 2 examples to back up my case:

Example 1 - In the year after the 2010 election, polls showed that about 10% of UKIP's new supporters were ex Lib Dem supporters. So here we have people who say they voted for a socially liberal, economically slightly left of centre party (publicly derided for joining a coalition and moving too far right) which was also the most pro-EU party in the country. Now they're saying they support a socially conservative, economically confused (between libertarians and protectionists) party dedicated to leaving the EU. So what happened? The pollster's argument as that they're the "anti-politics / I hate them all" vote, who could no longer vote Lib Dem as they'd actually got into government for the first time.

Example 2 - It's the 2005 election. Blair up for re-election, Iraq getting quite a lot of play. I'm talking to a friend who rarely bothers with the news or politcs. She's not stupid, just a busy single Mum with 2 jobs. And she says something like, "that Tony Blair. Lots of people are saying he shouldn't have go involved in that place. Now where was it?" For quite a few people in the UK, Iraq is the single biggest political issue of this century - clearly they're a minority, and I bet a few of them would be shocked by how much space many people keep in their brains for thinking about it. i.e. None.

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