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Yup, definitely both. The Russians pretty clearly favoured Trump to win (many pro-Trump ads, very many anti-Hillary ads), but they were pushing shit onto gullible voters on both sides. They were also pushing general conflict - so they had pro- and anti-BLM groups simultaneously, pro- and anti-secession groups, pro- and anti-gun groups etc. There's probably a fair few vocal pro-Bernie groups waiting to be uncovered, too, ones that then declared for Stein or advocated not voting.

Basically, I suspect they started out just looking to push buttons - try and get everyone fighting in the streets and make the whole process as divisive as possible. This began to get all Pro-Trump because they could see that his presidency would more or less automatically fall to pieces - even if Trump himself wasn't so manifestly incompetent, dishonest, venal, corrupt and incapable, his acrimonious relationship with the establishment of both parties was likely to cause significant problems in government, leading to an understaffed and inexperienced administration that would struggle to get any legislation through congress. The aim was always to paralyze the US, rather than take over, and it's been hugely effective.

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