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Wikileaks stopped being a publisher of "truth" and became a news organisation the moment they started editing their data. Which was as early as the "Collaterol Murder" video, where they edited out the guns carried by the people the helicopter shot at.

Weirdly I've seen arguments that the only bit of that video that could arguably be called a war crime was also edited out. It's the bit at the end when they shoot into a building, after people have hidden in it. Which could be argued to be a disproportionate use of force in a mixed civilian/military environment. Everything else they did was self-defence.

To be fair Wikileaks eventually published full and edited videos, but the point is that once you edit it yourselves, you become journalists or campaigners.

Assange's repeated interventions in the presidential campaign with leaked emails, was again either journalism or campaigning, depending on your point of view. If he was doing that at specific times to influence the campaign with data given to him by Russian intelligence (or those linked to it), as is alleged, then we move from journo/campaigner to the rather more serious foreign agent.

Whatever you believe, Wikileaks are not a neutral organisation merely dedicated to facilitating leaks.

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