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Translation, you're just making this shit up.

Sputnik and Russia Today are state sponsored propoganda. In the same way that Radio Moscow was, back in Soviet days.

The BBC is not. The BBC is kept at arms length from the UK government, which does not have direct control of either it, its staff appointments or its finances. The BBC may still be part of "the establishment", though more the liberal slightly lefty bit of it, but it is not directly controlled by government.

Fox News is a private company that takes a certain editorial line in order to maximise its profits. It may also be to push Murdoch's agenda, who knows. I think he is a tabloid kind of guy. But US TV media, and most of the big newspapers, used to be quite similar editorially, so Fox were able to exploit a gap in the market on the right that wasn't well covered.

All these organisations are different, and do what they do for different reasons. If you can't see a difference it's either because you're not looking or you don't want to.

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