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Precisely. Twitter provides Trump with a direct line to many millions of people who can then pass on his utterances to many others. This is a new thing for Republicans. Previously they were more or less beholden to the liberal press for getting out their stances, unless they wanted to do huge ad buys.

@BJ, in that respect, the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings just held up a flaming large stick and no carrot: they raised the question why they should not be regulated like the other news outlets, as they clearly were no longer "just conveying user opinion" as they were before - they were publicly warned that their FCC exempt status was being looked at again in the light of their support for nefarious activity. If that happens, Trump tweets may end up being curated too, as they should have been.

I mean, if you want to pretend to ban inflammatory content instead of handily profiting from it you may be forced to apply that policy consistently, and that alone would have seen the Trump account closed years ago.

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