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Because the official position is basically a contradiction. It states:

1) The Russians definitely interfered in the US election.

2) This interference did not have any impact on the result.

Both sides know that it's important to accept 1), because, well, it's true, and it's a massive attack on the United States' political system which is likely to happen again.However, both sides ALSO have to accept 2), because they don't want to shake public confidence in the democratic process, and there's no mechanism for dealing with it (somehow, the all-powerful, all-knowing pantheon of the Founding Fathers didn't manage to anticipate Twitter or the Internet in 1787, though accepting that the 27-times amended constitution is a perfect document and has always been a perfect document is a vital part of the US's self-image).

This leaves all discussion somewhat absurd, as 1) requires treating this with almost super-human gravitas, while 2) suggests that the problem doesn't actually exist. And yet congress must hold both ideas as true simultaneously. The more information is made public, the harder it is for the public to maintain the cognitive dissonance; it's not hard to accept two mutually-contradictory ideas as both true if you don't know anything about the topics, but if you have a reasonable grasp of the facts then you need a lot of training to keep agreeing with both.

So, if the US population sees, say, a mass advert was targeted at Wisconsin Democrats telling them they could vote by text, then agreeing that this had no impact in a state Trump carried by 0.7% becomes a lot harder. And if that's the case, then the validity of the election is called into question, and a democracy only works if the losing side agrees that they lost (which is why losing presidential candidates always publicly concede and tell their followers to accept the situation, and why there was outcry when Trump threatened not to do so prior to the election). That's why even Democrats in congress keep stressing that they don't think the result was changed, even though they (and, tbh, even some elected Republicans) now pretty clearly believe that it was.

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