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Tesla hits Model 3 production speed bumps, slides to loss


"Traditional" car markers are some of the most automated production facilities you could possibly come up with. They require very few staff (compared to other manufacturing facilities e.g. electronics in Asia) and have always been at the forefront of robotic manufacturing. They are actually far ahead of the electronics industry in that regard, which still tends to rely on a lot very poor wages and hand assembled stuff. We've all read the horror stories of Chinese and other far eastern electronics production - basically using people as bio-robots. There are exceptions, notably the likes of Intel and other processor fab plants which have tended to go stay in the US, Europe and so on.

The car industry has tended to go towards full automation and has largely stayed in relatively high wage economies while the electronics industry mostly fled to low wage economies and exploited cheap labour, while ironically making very little investment in real automation, despite making the very components that should make it possible.

I don't really buy Tesla's hype on this. Coming from a background in IT/electronics would be quite a poor basis for production automation which is THE core competency of the car manufacturing sector. They are extremely good at this and have been for quite a long time.

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