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Vlad the blockader: Russia's anti-VPN law comes into effect

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The Russians are clever they will find a way round it...

Maybe that explains the interest in my old (now inactive) email server, someone trying to find a way in to set up an under-the-radar VPN... If they'd only just ask, I might let them have access to my one. But carrying the data across the boarder one byte at a time might be faster since it's on a rather busy ADSL segment!

(El Reg, an icon to better express the sudden attainment of severe enlightenment would be appreciated! Come on, you've had room for more for ages! :) )

(FTWBAM1: Things like ReverseDNS were turned off a long time ago, so any attempts to transmit from the server would be flagged and sidelined by any half-decent spam filter. And it was secure, I asked some guy on IRC how to secure it properly!2)

1For Those Who'd Bitch and Moan

2 Joke, duh. I asked me mom, she's heard of computers and should know something about them!

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