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Revealing exactly what was smeared all over the internet during the 2016 elections

The issue is "By whom".

RT was not alone and in fact, it was just a miniscule fraction of the influence.

It is impossible to reveal what they added to the 2016 stench without dragging into the open the various other efforts such as the Cambridge Analytica targeted Trump adverts, paid for (by both campaigns) Macedonian manufactured fake news as well as the targeting into which facebook and twitter feeds to inject them and many, many, many other things.

If that Pandora's box is opened, it will be inevitable that the even smellier Referendum Pandora's wheelie bin is opened and tipped onto the Westminster front lawn.

It will be inevitable that the 20+ elections (that is just by Cambridge Analytica) which UK and USA paid to be influenced lately will add extra smelly maggots to the rubbish pile.

Not a single one of the currently elected politicos or mainstream news outfits would do this - it is a political death wish to do this.

"Do you consider Russia Today to be a regular media organization?"

They are as regular as the beeb. The beeb in one of the languages of countries where we still try to exert influence is an interesting sight. You need to listen to their their Persian or Russian services for a while to understand the real gripe the powers that be have with RT. RT is a mirror image of what we have been doing to "THEM" for 50 years - Beeb foreign services, Radio Free Europe, etc. Similarly biased and similarly serving its pay master.

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