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"Get a better info source, my friend."

Care to cite yours then?

Soros being painted as the cackling jew master manipulating snowflakes is a pretty common theme on certain alt-fact sites, but claiming he's the ONLY one running the mad libs is pretty impressive even then.

As for information sources, you're usually stuck with a choice between an edited and fact checked media (where the facts are presented to produce a certain narrative) and the alt-media who have a very clear narrative that is entirely independent of verifiable facts. Then the various sides get to argue about whose narrative is more appealing.

If you're lucky, you can get a look at the reality of a situation, which almost always is going to be massively more complex and nuanced than anything that will make it into the media. But since "it's complicated" and "it's not just about choosing team red or team blue" aren't popular on either side of the aisle, it's doubtful if anyone will pay attention to you.

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