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" Previously they were more or less beholden to the liberal press for getting out their stances,"

I hear that there not only is there a TV network dedicated to the GoP perspective, but that Trump watches it with great regularity and likes to tweet about it.

So now you have a BS story aired on Fox (which they disavow pretty quickly once the lawyers get involved), but by that time it's been tweeted on by Trump, and then it's suddenly total fact. Because POTUS would never open his mouth without making sure his facts tally with some form of reality.

"If the Left were to just cool it for a while,"

If Trump managed to go 24 hours without provoking a scandal, or having one of his many existing scandals float to the surface, then the media coverage on his actions might die down.

But then there might be some awkward looking at how Trump's policies and political appointments are going on. Like the continuing failure to actually staff many agencies, which is either incompetence or deliberate sabotage. But he's pushing through judicial appointments (which I believe are for life) like no-ones business.

Too many people are focusing on the dumpster fire that is DJT, and not on what the GoP is working away on behind the scenes. But DJT loves the attention and the GoP (like all politicians) would rather people looked elsewhere while they go about the business of ruling the country.

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