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So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...


All this "Russian" nonsense is just a smoke screen, just the stories posted by the mainstream media itself could be viewed by many as being "fake", "misleading" and "a national security issue" in some indirect respects

It wasn't the Russians publishing outright lies about the polling data to try and "dupe" the American voters into putting a sociopath into the whitehouse it was the media

As for "free speech" that's laughable, if youre a tree hugging communist who buys into conspiracy theories like man made global warming you have free speech on sites like google, facebook and twitter but if youre any more "right wing" that ultra Marxist they want to censor or delete your posts or close down accounts

And hell, who really cares about Russia?

China is a much bigger threat and one of "Killarys" biggest financial "owners" wants to collapse the US dollar and make China the worlds financial powerhouse. The same candidate who is also partially bought and paid for by Islamic fundamentalist financiers and leaders yet not a murmur about that "influence" either. Killary, the candidate funded by a man who thinks only the rich should have a say in who gets to vote and that poor people shouldn't because they don't understand politics

Yet the MSM google and twitter were all openly pro Killary and shut down many accounts that were pro trump yet then try to play the "free speech" card lol

As stern as the wording might have been this just feels like another scam being enacted on the US population to pave the way for more censorship and a greater ability for companies like these to stamp out "free speech" that isn't the types of opinions they support so they can claim "the government made us do it"

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