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> "After all who uses it to effect? Trump of course."

Precisely. Twitter provides Trump with a direct line to many millions of people who can then pass on his utterances to many others. This is a new thing for Republicans. Previously they were more or less beholden to the liberal press for getting out their stances, unless they wanted to do huge ad buys.

Now Trump just spills his guts on Twitspace regularly and makes the Enemedia play catchup every day. The Left can no longer control their precious 'narrative' like they used to, and this has caused them to react rather badly, basically going off the deep end. The near-insane hatred and 24/7 lies about Trump simply add power to his tweets.

If the Left were to just cool it for a while, Trump would be deprived of his primary weapon (Twitter) and might then lose in 2020, but that ain't gonna happen. The Left has emphatically burned their bridges and now they have their backs to that cold, uncaring political river.

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