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Russia Today and Sputnik propaganda outlets?

"Russia Today and Sputnik propaganda outlets". As compared to Faux News and the BBC I suppose, both guilty of pushing the 'White Helmets' narrative. It's also amusing how the BBC experience a technical fault on the line whenever anyone expresses an unorthodox opinion on the telephone. The Russian story is totally bogus, designed to distract from the real manipulators of public opinion in the US media, that would be the CIA, who have agents embedded as pretend journalists in all the major US media outfits.

My reading is that, Clinton and Drumpf have both been leaked against possible by two competing elements of the US intelligence community, for reasons yet to be determined. And then we have the 'golden shower' dossier concocted by the same people that found evidence of "Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. Even if it were true that Russia was buying targeted adverts on Facebook/Twitter, is the average American dumb enough to be so influenced by blatant propaganda or is it after a lifetime of being exposed to Faux News, they can't tell the difference.

"Congress now has a dossier on the estimated 3,000 Kremlin-masterminded ads .. precious little information on them has actually been released."

Translation: we're just making this shit up.

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