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So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...

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Get some perspective.

OK, so the electorate were influenced by fake news, fake stories to elect the "wrong" candidate, one of two obnoxious maybe dangerous candidates. A bought politician, just bought by the "wrong" side.

Few, if any, were hurt by this. Though undoubtedly the tech co's did profit handsomely.

Yet Tony Blair, using fake news, blatantly lied to the country to start a crazy illegal war resulting in millions of deaths, dreadful injuries and immense numbers of displaced persons.On which the US no doubt played a leading role. And no doubt profited handsomely.

Is it a bad thing that the US actually try and colloborate and work with the Russians, and others, rather than see them as perpetual adversaries?

There must be many other issues, reasons and ways to control the tech co's. Just do it.

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