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Official: Perl the most hated programming language, say devs

Sitaram Chamarty

the example code in the article... a perfect example of how Perl is *unjustly* vilified.

All the line noise in that example is due to regular expressions -- a distinct sub-language that is nevertheless supported (though usually very badly and/or reluctantly) by all other languages.

Since perl supports regexes as first class citizens, it gets a bad rap because of how regexes look.

As for the $, @, {}, etc -- I've never understood this angst about perl's syntax. You expect a mathematician to use special symbols to mean special things to them. Heck, an electrician has to learn almost as much special stuff to get a license to wire your home (India excepted, heh!). Yet people think perl's using the character set a little more than other languages (which mostly stick to a-z for syntax) is a problem.

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