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> As far as pet hate subjects, Delphi IMHO is clearly the absolute leader.

That's interesting. I was kind of curious about why it was getting hate. To me, it was more a sadness about what might have been if better decisions were made by Borland, sorry I mean Inprise, sorry I mean Borland (again), sorry I mean Codegear, sorry I mean Embarcadero, sorry I mean Idera. The same sort of feeling one might have towards an upcoming sporting potential who through a series of bad life choices finds their careers over before they have reached their full potential. The stuff that annoyed me was rarely the language syntax. I actually much prefer the constructor chaining syntax in Delphi Vs C# (we won't talk about anonymous method or nullible value types or the clunky way that interfaces work). Maybe I just have a soft spot for the earlier versions which were light years ahead of their contemporaries.

For the record, pet peeve is JavaScript. If only it wasn't the lingua franca of the web. The fact we need typescript to make it tolerable speaks volumes.

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