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Actually it will not. It used to take considerably more than that to get Roskomnadzor on your tail.

In order for them to ban it, you need to break one of the local laws. Then you get a takedown notice, then you have to ignore it, then you get banned.

For example Wikipedia is a regular sin bin customer because it keeps publishes information on how to isolate or synthesize drugs. You are not allows to openly publish that under Russian law. It also ignores any Russian takedown orders out of political principles.

It is a bit disingenuous to pretend that all of this is a purely Russian affair. End of the day, while you CAN lookup explosives or weapon making techniques from the UK, if your interest is too persistent you are likely to get a visit with a battering ram and armed police to dissuade you of such "undemocratic" interests. Similarly, UK has a similar system to enforce censorship at a moment's notice if need be - the one put in supposedly to deal with pirated content and pedophiles. The difference is that there is ABSOLUTELY NO LAW controlling its use.

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