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I received an email a few days ago offering this "feature"

This is the email I received a few days ago. I forwarded it to Google right away.



We noticed that you have published your app on Android Play Store/Apple App Store.We (MedsWeb) provide technology services to enable app developers integrate Monero mining(a crypto currency similar to bitcoin, but very profitable to mine on general purpose devices like smartphones) within their app and monetize it. If your app is deployed on thousands/millions of devices, you can monetize it with monero mining and earn really huge income.

We manage all the complexity of backend servers and mining operations and you get a really simple control panel to monitor your hashrate and earnings.

Features of our service are:

1. Very easy Integration to any app

2. 0 knowledge of crypto currency mining required.

3. Several key features to ensure 0 inconvenience to your app's user.

->Mining Only when device's battery level is greater than 70%(variable as per your choice), so that user does not have any battery issues.

->Mining only on those phone which have at least 4 processor cores

->Using only 1 processor core (variable as per your choice) for mining, rest of the cores are free for user's own work.

->No mining when device's sleeping, so battery usage only when user is actually using his phone.

4. You have a control panel to real time monitor the hashrate generated by your apps.

5. 100% legal and legitimate.You just need to include the fact in your app's user license that we use their device for some calculations.

5. Daily Payment to your monero wallet.

6. We charge only 0.5% as fee.No setup charges or any other hidden fee.

For an estimate or your app's earning potential or any other discussion, feel free to contact us on skype :


MedsWeb Team


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